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Some parents absolutely need a summer camp for their kids because of work. Some want their kids to experience  camp and the daily events that make summer memorable. Whatever your needs, OPsac, Our Place Summer Adventure Camp, presents a summer program that will make your camper not want to come home at night.

OPsac is definitely  different…  Our philosophy of camp is founded on a simple  standard…. Your camper comes first. Before we plan a day, we ask a simple question… How does what we are doing help your campers to grow?  We have never had a membership fee and there are NO hidden expenses. We pay for everything but food, and we even buy  our campers ice cream and snowballs once a week.  We know that we are the least expensive day camp in York County, and certainly we are the most active.

Yes… OPsac is different…

a lifetime of memories in one endless summer

It would be a privilege to have your camper with us this summer.


Campers who have finished first grade through fourth grades, ages 6 to 10. The schedule for Junior Campers is less demanding but just as interesting as our senior camp program. If your camper has finished fourth grade, you may choose either Junior Camp or Senior Camp. Look at the schedule to see all the things we have planned. Because of our schedule, we can not take Kindergarteners going into first grade.


Campers who have finished fourth grade through kids who have finished seventh grade, ages  10 to 13.  The  schedule for Senior Campers is more demanding, requiring a higher level of physical activity, logical thinking and creative problem solving. Our Senior Campers go on 3 overnight trips to various Theme Parks, Paintballing and river rafting. We’ve been doing these trips for 20 years and honestly we have not had a serious issue.

The answers to most of your questions

  • We pick up campers in Delta, Fawn Grove, and Stewartstown every camp day
  • Other than bumps and bruises and the occasional bee sting, OPsac has an excellent safety record.
  • Our schedule may change due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.  If the temperature is above 90, we probably will not go hiking… if it rains or thunders, we won’t go swimming.
  • Campers are never out of eye sight of the counselors and counselors are  never alone with a camper.
  • When we are swimming, even though the life guards are in charge, we will always be watching your camper.
  • Most all of our counselors have had first aid training.
  • We own our own air conditioned buses our drivers are all certified. The buses go through a strict inspection for the state…  then they go through my personal inspection with our mechanic.
  • We publish our weekly schedule on our Facebook page by Thursday or Friday for the following week. 
  • We have emergency contact forms with us at all times. We will not release your camper to anyone who is not on that list unless we have a written note in the morning.
  • Registration is done on line. You will have to make a $ 50 reservation fee for each week when you register. That amount IS DEDUCTED from your weekly fee.  Reservation fees are non refundable.
  • Fees are due on Friday for the following week. We attempt each week to send out reminders.

We are a very transparent organization, and we invite parents to join us anytime they want, There are a few restrictions, like you will have to drive yourself,  and in the event of an emergency, we are in charge of your camper. We follow very strict emergency protocols. If you see something or hear something that you don’t like, tell Mr. Bob immediately. His phone is always on.

We are a faith based organization. We believe that what we do, how we treat the campers, is more important than what we say. We do not preach… we show  by examples.

We want to thank you again for the opportunity to share OPsac with your camper.


The least expensive and most active camp in Southern York County.