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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself

Don’t know I believe that any more. I have spent time with doctors from Welspan and Penn State Hershey Medical Center. These people with whom I entrust my life cave cautioned me to be very careful.

You know the numbers.  We have lost more people than live in York County, and the number of infections is climbing every day.   Dr. Faucci has told us that vaccines won’t be ready for kids until next fall, and that the number of kids, 16 and under who contract the virus is growing daily. There have been mercifully few deaths in this age demographic.

So here is the issue for you, your kids and me.

Last summer we did not have a single instance of covid 19 sickness. Were we lucky, or did the precautions we took help out?  I am not sure. If one camper becomes sick, or one counselor, the sickness would spread very quickly because most kids are asymptomatic until the virus takes hold. The closeness of our camp experience would cause the disease to spread very quickly.

My fear then, is the fear of your kids getting sick.

As of the end of January, I am putting camp on hold for 2021. I am hopeful that by April we will see a serious decline in the number of covid 19 cases. I am hopeful that every one who wants an injection will have gotten it and this thing that has made life 10 times harder will go away.

I am going to add a temporary schedule for OPsac 2021. Look it over and email me with your intention to register your camper. If and when we open registration, I will email you and give you one week advanced notice before we open it up to all of York County.

I want to have camp this summer, even though my wife thinks I am getting too old to be riding roller coasters. I want the kids to have a place to be where they can learn some things, be with their friends, and share their feelings.

But I do not want anyone to get sick.

Look for a schedule next week.  If you want to talk, call me  717.801.7387


Mr. Bob





Let’s just pray for the health of our world and that we defeat this virus before the start of camp.

Mr Bob

The least expensive and most active camp in Southern York County.