Our Place Summer Adventure Camp

No one is more disappointed than me to have to share the fact that            OPsac 2021 will not be happening this summer. I will share with you the reason why in a short paragraph, and then offer a rational explanation, if you want to read more.

Summer Campers are among those highest at risk for  covid 19. I can not guarantee the safety and health of your campers. OPsac is one of the safest camp in all of York County… bumps and bruises and a couple of stitches, and one kid who needed an emergency appendectomy. I have talked with immunologist, pediatricians, my GP and my Oncologist, who spoke with the specialists at Penn State Hershey Medical Center. Each one advised me NOT to have camp this summer.

The reason is simple… the number of  people exposed to this disease today is about 5 times higher than last summer. And even with 50 % of the people receiving the vaccines, asymptomatic spreading is much higher. And as is true in any classroom, when one kid gets a cold, 10 more catch it.  A vaccine for children will not be ready till late this year. Each of our campers comes from different families, from different towns, and attend different schools, dramatically increasing exposure.

I have spent many nights lying awake, trying to decide what was more   important… the kids getting a break or their health. If one camper, just one, were to become sick and suffer the consequences, I would be distraught.  And complicating this disease, children are at risk for Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C),  a serious condition that appears to be linked to  disease, COVID-19.


We spend a lot of time together, playing, laughing and driving to our adventures.  These are the risk factors for summer camps.

The more people a camper interacts with (and the longer the interactions), the higher the risk of COVID-19 spread.

  • Lowest risk: Small groups of campers stay together all day every day, remain six feet apart and do not share objects. All campers are from the same local geographic area.

  • More risk: Campers mix between groups but stay six feet apart and do not share objects. All campers are from the same local geographic area.

  • Higher risk: Campers mix between groups and do not remain six feet apart, but are from the same geographic area.

  • Highest risk: Campers mix between groups, do not stay six feet apart and are not from the same geographic area.      (this is us)

  • Outdoor playgrounds: like Annie’s Playground, Springetsburry Playground, Miller Park… The risk of using outdoor playgrounds varies. The risk is higher in communities where there’s ongoing spread of COVID-19, and at playgrounds that draw a crowd, which makes social distancing very challenging.  (and who cleans the bathrooms)

  • Amusement Parks: Hickory Falls, Adventure World, Hershey Chocolate World… campers tend to stay closer together in lines; laughing and screaming causes higher exposure to covid droplets,

  • Swimming Pools : Shenny’s, Codorus, pool, Conowingo pool… splashing, dunking your friends, each of these activities get the kids closer together, laughing and screaming.


Last summer, we had about 1/4 the usual number of campers. But the exposure rate was much lower because more people were staying home. We were careful to wear masks, sanitize hands, and stayed as far apart as we could. I am just not sure with the higher exposure rate, more moms and dads working, having dinner with the neighbors…that our campers will be safe from the disease. And if one older brother or sister does not follow the strictest guidelines, like they do in school, the disease could be passed to the child, and then on into camp. I also have to consider the counselors,  Mr. Ford and me.

Please understand, I have been researching and talking to specialist since last November, when the second big surge hit.  I have vacillated between camp and safety for endless hours. And each time I have reached a decision, another call, another news report… and I start over.

I know this is disappointing. I know the lack of a good camp will be difficult for some parents. I know it will cause issues. And some people will think I am being TOO cautious and will not agree with my decision. I have and always will, err on the side of safety.

For more than 50 years I have had the honor and privilege to work with thousands of kids, helping to become better adults. In order to help them, I must do everything I can to make sure they do in fact, grow into adulthood.

Mr. Bob






Let’s just pray for the health of our world and that we defeat this virus before the start of camp.

Mr Bob

The least expensive and most active camp in Southern York County.