Our Place Summer Adventure Camp

Our Place Summer Adventure Camp

The Summer of 2020

The only thing constant in life is change


I began to make plans and reservations for OPsac 2020 in October of 2019. By April, all of our plans were useless because of the virus. We were ready to cancel camp for the summer. By June 1, the rate of infection had fallen and businesses were opening and parents began to call asking about camp. I spoke with numerous doctors to determine whether or not the campers would be safe. They all said that if we followed the simple suggestions, the kids had a very low chance of developing covid. So, OPsac 2020 started two weeks late.

More than 60 % of the places we were supposed to go did not open. Many of our reservations were changed so that only half of the campers could go at one time. I cancelled our overnight trips because I didn’t want campers in such close proximity to other campers. The buses were inspected and sanitized.  Camp was going to happen, just not what it was supposed to be.

Because of the unprecedented heat and humidity, we spent a lot of time swimming and cooling off at Mr. Q’s roller rink. We did not use the air conditioning on the bus to allow for better air flow. Each of the campers had their temperature checked every morning and the staff was on the lookout for symptoms. We used more than 500 disposable masks, 2 gallons of hand sanitizer, and 5 gallons of sanitizing spray.

During the summer, we visited…   Hickory Falls for goKarts, bowling, laser tag, Virtual Reality; Colonial Lanes bowling; Rocks State Park, swimming, hiking, and games; Annie’s Playground kickball, wiffleball, and dodgeball; Shenny’s Pool; Hershey Park; Gunpowder State Park; Lake Pinchot; Laser Alley; Urban Air Trampoline Park; River Rafting on the Lehigh River, Mr. Q’s Family Skating Center; Jimmy Mack’s Mini Golf; Go-n-Bananas; Havre de Grace Board Walk; Keyes Creamery; Paintball at Ambush paintball; Laser Factory; Adventure Park USA; and more.  And, we were once again blessed to be able to go to Summer’s / Bonkey’s Ice Cream and snowballs every Monday for a cool treat.

So, all in all, OPsac 2020 was a good summer. Needless to say, I was disappointed not to be able to do everything we planned. The campers were good about adjusting schedules, and I believe we all had a good time. 

Plans for OPsac 2021 are already underway. I am making two sets of plans, just in case. The website will have our proposed schedules and flyers will be sent out in February. Until then, if your camper had a good time, tell all your friends. Stay safe and healthy.

The least expensive and most active camp in Southern York County.